YES! $550 MILLION Unemployment Extension NEW UPDATE FPUC PUA Unemployment Benefits Rental Assistance

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YES! $550 MILLION Unemployment Extension NEW UPDATE FPUC PUA Unemployment Benefits Rental Assistance

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►YES! $550 MILLION Unemployment Extension NEW UPDATE FPUC PUA Unemployment Benefits Rental Assistance

According to a new study, Half of the states planning to cancel the extra $300 in weekly unemployment benefits this month could cost their local economies $12.3 billion

The analysis comes a day after Maryland became the latest GOP-led state to opt-out of the jobless program.

Chairman Don Beyer of the analysis by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee stated, “If states proceed with their plans to end these critical programs, they will be ripping the rug out from under millions of Americans and further hindering our economic recovery.”

An analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities uses a multiplier effect to study how unemployment benefits generate $1.61 in local spending for every $1 in benefits.

We hope that these states provide other means of assistance or support to continue to help people return to the workforce.

Meanwhile, the FBI is warning potential scammers who have already stolen more than $120,000 in unemployment benefits from residents in Indiana.

The FBI said scammers are circulating unemployment tex messages and emails containing links to obtain personal information.

Agent Spencer Brooks said in a statement, “The Department of Workforce will never send text messages to verify eligibility for unemployment benefits or to report issues with receiving benefits.”

The FBI is urging residents that “unless the message is from a known and verified source, you should never click on links in text messages or emails.”

Hopefully, the FBI can crack down on these scammers that prevent good people from receiving these benefits.

And finally, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced Wednesday that the state is looking for more people to apply to their rental assistance program.

The program has more than $550 million in federal funds that need to be spent.

Governor Cooper stated, “For low-income residents experiencing difficulty paying their rent or utilities, there is now a renewed avenue of financial help.”

Under the HOPE program, applicants can receive up to a year of rent assistance, which may include up to 9 months of past-due rent.

It also covers electricity bills, natural gas and propane bills, water bills, and wastewater bills.

Cooper also stated that the program has already helped more than 36,000 residents.

It’s great to hear that the state is still looking for ways to assist its residents.

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  6. Really great of Arkansas governor to end our PUA at the same time the rent moratorium will be ending , leaving thousands homeless and penniless.