Your New Social Credit Score

From January, every citizen of England and Wales will have a new social credit score. Advice from the Department for Community and Culture. [This video is fiction. See the pinned comment.]

⏩ is a series of YouTube videos from a future.


VOICEOVER: Melissa Thom
ANIMATED BY: Mooviemakers

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  1. Update, 13th April 2021: I've been told that some conspiracy theorists are, bizarrely, circulating this video as fact. To be clear, this is speculative fiction from 2018, part of a sci-fi series on this channel. I thought that'd be obvious, but apparently not. If someone has sent you this video as "factual" or "a plan for the future", then you should know that they're either a) malicious or b) entirely disconnected from reality!

  2. Just another Glorpsday morning

    Thanks for the nightmares Tom.

  3. 1:08 I love that detail that gears don't mesh properly)

  4. This kinda reminds me of how Watch Dogs Legion could have started

  5. They already have that in a non-governmental form. They're called Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else is the current in social platform.

  6. Seems like a future government wants to be overthrown by angry and concerned citizens.
    They would be validating conspiracy theorists, which everyone knows is a very bad idea. Conspiracy theorists are already destructive when they don't have any good evidence, imagine what it would be like when they've been given 100% reliable proof. Loads of people would adopt their opinions, and the government wouldn't last long against so many.

  7. Chinese People: what do you mean, "future"?

  8. Paddy McNair

    Creditlord🧿org rocks 💯

  9. amanda carls

    If you want help with your credit score, visit creditlord📈org

  10. Creditlord📈org

  11. Nicholas Whitcher

    here after NHS app!

  12. Utopia.

  13. This is so disturbing, it almost feels like it could happen in the future.

  14. I watched Rick and morty one time and everyone is filing a disassociation report against me…

  15. This is already a thing in China if they try to do it here we need to fight back hard

  16. This is evil incarnate.

  17. 先生CherryPepsi

    I am scared that this will actually happen one day.

  18. low score gang 😎

  19. ShadowGod The Gamer

    china has had this since the 90s

  20. Kûrvi Tasch the Dictator

    Could you imagine this happening? It would be absurd!

    Edit: my social credit score is currently -102, and i can't leave me house : (

  21. Dutch mapping

    I mean if you do good things for your community should get rewarded.. But not in this way

  22. EU and privacy laws, haha. The EU is trying to implement upload filters, mandatory backdoor to encryption, etc. There's no privacy in the EU, only annoying cookie warnings.

  23. This just sounds like racism with extra steps

  24. crazymonkeyVII

    It's like a Chinese video on current affairs but translated to proper English….

  25. "Helping us to help you help us all"

  26. 1984 was a bit late ngl

  27. Aleksandrus12

    This concept shortly can be known as: did you viccinate against covid-19?

  28. what the hell has this world become

  29. This video was scary. Like I know that its not real but just…….. dam

  30. dude i thought this was real because of the china stuff that is waaay worse so this is believable.

  31. Russia BLOLIUM

    social credit score must be abolished

  32. Philip Studios

    China has this exact thing in place already.

  33. Ah yes, reminds me of school

  34. That background music somehow makes me more anxious than the video itself

  35. Rayan papaya Shayan

    welp I'm bout to move to zimbabwe

  36. New China

  37. Thomas Caswell

    China: 'what do you mean in the future'

  38. Give us your information or we wont give you healthcare

  39. I was pleased with the cogs at 1:10, that you made them correctly (the smaller ones have less teeth, not the same amount if smaller teeth), but then i saw the rotating at weird speeds (not matching teeth per second).
    Still, better than average cogs in presentations

  40. Asher De Graaf 2

    Spiffing Brit, think you could exploit this?

  41. Ojas Somethin'

    My jaw is literally dropping

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