Zuma Freed From Prison, Zambia Elects 1st Woman Speaker, AU Says Africa Made Vaccines Not for Export

Here is your latest African News
#Guinea Breaking News Soldiers Have Staged a Successful Coup
#South Africa Zuma Freed From Prison on Medical Parole
#African Union Announced Vaccine made in Africa will not be exported to Europe
#Zambia elects the first woman as parliament speaker.
#Africa Data Centres to Set Up 10 New Facilities at U.S.$500 Million Across the Continent.
#Zanzibar Minister Lauds Genetics Database Plan

Zuma Freed From Prison, Zambia Elects 1st Woman Speaker, AU Says Africa Made Vaccines Not for Export https://youtu.be/KUoE4MbEA_E #Africanews

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  1. I bet the Johnson &Johnson vaccine bottled in Africa is a more potent mix than that bottled in America.

  2. Why is that Zambia judge wearing the Colonialism horse on her head.

  3. Rico Vancolenya

    Watch and help Africa rise.

  4. The lady is a better reader. This guy seems have difficulty.

  5. Salieu Jallow

    These vaccines are not made by africans they are made by Chinese and indians and white people

  6. Tobias Ben Minder Gattiker

    trash your idiotphone, we stay natutral, stephan marley (mind control and his father bob (survival) living without technological slavery, kaira!


    I don't agree to the fact that the vaccines should be return back from Europe,how can we be sure that the vaccines are the ones that were sent?🤔🤔just leave them and continue producing others for the Afrikans

  8. Abrham Ibrahim

    The colonial wig is so annoying when will Zambia take that bs alway, it looks so restarted

  9. Take off those ridiculous colonizer costumes. They look like a fools.

  10. Johnson and Johnson is an European company not African !!
    Open your eyes my people !
    We are not in control of Johnson and Johnson!

  11. In africa As long you are a politician you don't have to worry about spending time in prison because your goon will release you…if he still alive Mr Mandela will cry because he saw how corrupted his country has become…

  12. This guy didn’t practice reading from the teleprompter lol for a minute I thought YouTube was freezing up lol 😂. Africa is going to be watching you mess up lol.

  13. Please turn the music down or off, or get a more eloquent and louder speaking anchorman.

  14. I know a five year old who can do a better job of reading. He is willing to work online.

  15. Annmarie Modeste

    I think is best Africans throw these Vaccines in the TRASH**

  16. WallStreet Review

    How many afrikaneers(dutches) and germans went in jail for mass killing of blacks ? Free ZUMA IN THE NAME OF OUR AFRICAN ANCESTORS .

  17. Co vid did not spread in Africa like it did elsewhere so why would you take the vx if you're not sick?

  18. Do you know Priscilla Foundation Zambia 🇿🇲

  19. Tribal African

    The Narrator needs more practice. He is not ripe enough to present the news. He needs more practice

  20. mbuyi masuwa

    Whatever happened to the lady that used to read this segment? This guy skills got a lot to be desired, he can help out in the background for now. I failed to continue watching. PLEASE DO SOMETHING.

  21. Why do some African countries wear the European wigs. Wake up!!

  22. get it done now! do it!


  23. Tsalta Baptiste

    Africans should not trust any 💉 if it’s not created exclusively by an African country that isn’t compromised

  24. Time 3:18 why are they still wearing European hair?
    Nothing has changed…..

  25. Young brother has a great speaking voice but needs to work on his personality, you’re going to be nervous the first couple times don’t give up

  26. Cebo Sityata

    Yes do not export our vaccines to countries that don't give a shit about us

  27. Orin Saunders

    Maybe there is a malfunction of the news teleprompter.


  29. lebron Tawanda Mudarikwa

    I blame the producer , why would you upload such a sub bar presentation, the editing was off . 2nacheki to StutterCheki

  30. Where's the female reporter? This gentleman's stuttering and repeating sentences detract viewers from the main news stories. Please make the necessary corrections.

  31. Talldarknhandsum

    I love your platform but this gentleman and his constant repeating of the same sentence is driving me away from your channel. If the information is right there before him, why does he have to repeat sentences sometimes 3 times. Listening to him stagger over words make me uninterested in the news stories that he is attempting to deliver. Why would you guys even allow this to go out online before editing??? Please, don’t allow this to make you lose your followers. You can do better than this. I am a loyal fan but starting to question the quality of your broadcast. Please correct the constant errors before it’s too late. Remember Africa and it’s Diaspora is watching. Thank you.

  32. The Tales Afrika

    Pamoja Tutafaulu❤️
    (We succeed together)

  33. Great work! But please get the teleprompter syncing right… it’s very distracting

  34. Take off them stupid ass wigs and maybe you will get a little respect. It looks stupid and idiotic.

  35. The system of executive, legislature and judiciary is all bogus and has nothing to do with human management. These are organizations by vigilante boys called politicians, who want to control society and the environment. These democratic systems are supported by capitalism which is bank fraud by identity theft, bank robbery form the people by creating a currency then forcing people to accept it then only giving it to special thugs who are afraid to share existence called politicians. Democracy and capitalism are based on forcing the people to accept what they didn't ask for and excluding the citizens from their own scientific development.

  36. Cameroon is next!!

  37. Afrika Is Life O

    Sorry dude, but if you're not up to the task of reading the news please let someone else do it. Think of your audience.

  38. u cant find somebody who can actually read?

  39. Donald Douglas

    I love 2nacheki, but who edited this video? This was well below the normal fantastic video production

  40. Autobot Diva

    Dear Zambia, why are you still practicing colonializm????

  41. The African Union is a disgrace!

  42. I did not expect that voice coming out of you 🤯


    As always, Africa is watching!

  44. Charleen Quinn



  45. Saijo Tetteh

    Why the African made vaccine is not for export? Something fishy is going on. What's wrong with the vaccine made in Africa? Big question

  46. Christian Davis

    People will be kicking themselves in few week's If they miss The Opportunity Too Buy and Invest In Bitcoin as It retracing…..BE WISE.

  47. Zambia 🇿🇲 congratulations 🎉. What's up with that colonial wig?

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